4th Discussion Forum – CESME – Circular Economy for SMEs

On March 29th, the 4th Discussion Forum of CESME Interreg Project
took place in Sofia, Bulgaria. The meeting was with particular theme focus on the usage of waste as a resource. As a participant in the meeting, Bulgarian Furniture Cluster presented FORESDA project, emphasizing the importance of our pilot innovation environments – remanufacturing of

The circular economy is a key concept of the green economy, based on
optimising systems rather than components. The CESME project
addresses SME inclusion in the circular economy, by interregional
meetings identifying good practices aiming to examine how best regional
and local authorities and business development agencies can improve
relevant policy instruments and design support packages to assist SMEs
to enter the circular economy. BAMEE is the Bulgarian partner in the
CESME Interreg Project and the organizer of the forum. This is the 4th
Discussion Forum that is taking place and this time it`s focus is on the
industrial synergy in a cluster and the reusage of waste materials. BFC is
supporting the idea of the forum and will participate in it. This discussion
forum is considered to be important because it gathered companies and
representatives of clusters in Bulgaria, presenting their ideas and
activities in the field of remanufacturing of waste materials that is the
focus of BFC`s pilot innovation environments in FORESDA. The
Discussion Forum is also an ideal example of synergy between EU
Interreg projects.

From the point of view of FORESDA the forum is important because:
• Important stakeholders will participate in the discussion forum.
• It is a convenient place and opportunity to present the FORESDA
project and it`s activities.
• BFC will attend the forum to consolidate the importance of
remanufacturing of wood.
• This is a great opportunity for establishing a synergy between EU
Interreg projects, in this case CESME and FORESDA.