• INTERIOR-I Ltd. The company specializes in the production of furniture for home and the manufacturing of interior doors and details.

    Since 1992 the company tries to be useful to manufacturers, giving them the benefits of using the latest high quality products in the industry.

    Maintaining high availability and offering fast all of the innovations they create conditions for rapid and successful implementation on the Bulgarian market for everything that even the most demanding customer could want.

    The company is honored to be partnering with leading European manufacturers, whose products are a symbol of exceptional quality and reliability.

  • MATERIA Ltd. Design and manufacturing of soft upholstered furniture

    The creation of the first sofa under Materia brand, was provoked by the company’s demand to offer a real first-class bulgarian product at the market, a product that stands for innovative design and comfort. Materia brand is fashioned for young urbanized families, possessing own vision and manner to modern interior design and natural fabrics, craving for higher standard of living. Creative approach, progressive attitude and carefully pre-taught details, applied on appropriate topical materials, is a formula that guarantees a unique and distinctive sofas under the brand Materia, imposing new taste and tendencies in modern day interior.

  • RETROUYUT AKSAGA Ltd. Design and manufacturing of soft upholstered furniture for home, offices, restaurants and hotels.

    Retrouyut Aksaga Ltd. is a Bulgarian company with more than 25 years history of designing and manufacturing upholstered furniture.
    Our factory is located in Yambol, southeast Bulgaria, with manufacturing area of 7 000 sq.m.
    Attention to detail and aim for high levels of quality are a driving force for us. Building and maintaining excellent relationships with our partners is one of our main goals.
    The feeling of comfort is a message we are sending to our clients wholeheartedly!
    Aksaga products are an investment you deserve every day!

  • TOTAL M Ltd. Furniture Factory

    Тhe company started business in 1990. Total M was established in order to come up with a new,different vision of furniture design. Our company provides solutions for all types of clients:

    – corporate
    – retailers
    – end users

  • NIKI Ltd. Metal Manufacturing Company

    NIKI Ltd is a family owned metal manufacturing company working on the retail market since 1994. We have experience working with mild & stainless steel round & squared tubes, wire, sheet metal. We can offer powder coating & zinc plating at perfect quality. Our main advantage is the flexibility we offer our partners, namely providing very short lead-times for production. Last, but not least we offer complete service- meaning not only metalwork, but as well timberwork, plastics & logistics.

  • DIMOV Ltd. Design, production and sale of Furniture

    Dimov Furniture offers its customers a complete interior solution. Their Furniture Factory is located in the town of Silistra and the Production base covers an area of 6 000 sq.m. and it employs over 100 people. While they produce a wide range of products – home, office and hotel furniture, they are specialized in bedding and cupboards. Their main objective is to continually provide their customers with new models, good quality and affordable prices.

  • CORRECT STYLE Producing of furniture from MFC and lacquered MDF for houses, offices, public buildings and hotels.

    Korect Style Ltd offers a wide range of modern furniture decisions on individual projects – from kitchen and office furniture in living rooms and children bedrooms to hotel furniture.

    Since 1996 the company have been working on various interior projects and during these years they have gained valuable experience, which is now serving the customers.

    Since 2009 Korect Style is among the founders and members of the Bulgarian Furniture Cluster. That partnership ensures our clients that whether it comes to interior doors, soft, classical or housing furniture, each one their project can be implemented in small and large quantities.

    Since 2009 the company was certified according to international standards ISO 9001: 2000.

  • ESTE FURNITURE Ltd. Manufacture & Supply tailored quality Furniture

    „ESTE Furniture“ Ltd. has been on the market since 1992 and they are specialized in manufacturing high-end furniture of natural materials. About 80% of our production consists of complex custom design projects. ESTE is executing orders in various styles – from classical furniture to minimalistic design. Their top-of-the-line veneering facilities allows them to use a wide range of veneers, incl. exotic ones and also to maintain the best prices in veneered furniture and paneling. The combination of experience, good equipment and competitive prices gives them great advantage on the market.

  • EUROTRADING LTD. Import and Distribution of furniture-production supplies.

    Eurotraiding imports and distributes on the Bulgarian market materials for the furniture industry. The enterprise owns storage facilities in four Bulgarian cities and manages a distribution network that covers the country.



    “BCC-95” LTD. has over 19 years of experience in the production and delivery of metal components to the furniture industry. They are an expanding large-scale supplier of metal parts and metal household articles to top furniture companies in the Scandinavian countries, Germany, the UK, Canada, Romania and others. Their competencies and production capabilities include expertise, experience and advanced equipment for cold metal processing and packaging of custom components and assembled articles.