Priority: Enhancing capacity for joint planning, problem solving and development
Key Area of Intervention: Links and networking on institutional, business and educational levels
Duration: 12 months (05.09.2013 – 05.09.2014)
Activities organized by the BFC under the Project:

1. B2B event (Furniture manufacturers, Retailers and Designers from Serbia and Bulgaria)
2. Design workshop for University students (Mentors: Eyal Tahor, Krassi Kapitanov, Boyan Benev, Ivan Grozev)
3. Study tour in Bulgaria
4. Design Webinars
5. Web Workshop for Design and Furniture production Students and Professors
6. Web Conferences
7. Research Study: “Competitiveness of BG-SER furniture cluster cooperation project in EU-CEFTA Russian Federation Markets
8. Cluster Management Training
Project Objectives:
The overall objective of TABLE project was to increase the economic synergy in the BG-SER region through the development of a sound framework for cross-border business support, educational cooperation and transfer of best practices. The specific objective: Business and educational cooperation improved between Bulgarian and Serbian Furniture clusters, thus increasing joint competitive advantage in the markets of CEFTA, EU and Russian Federation.
Project Rationale:
On one side the Bulgarian Furniture Cluster is more experienced in exporting (98%), marketing and international tenders, consists of larger companies and is part of EU market on the other Serbia is a member of CEFTA (SEE Trade Zone – 55 million people) and is the only country outside CIS that enjoys a free trade agreement with the Russian Federation (150 million people).